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This exciting program helps business, industry, and government agency employees meet requirements for CPR and first aid training. Combined with A.E.D. training, this program is the up-to-date in the industry. View Upcoming Dates.

Students will learn the essential skills of Primary Assessment, Rescue Breathing, One-man C.P.R., Control of Bleeding, Shock Management, Continuing Circle of Care, Illness Assessment, and Injury Assessment. Skills of patient care are taught in the same sequence they are actually used, which results in the student feeling less anxious about using their skills in a real emergency.

The training is usually conducted over two, four-hour sessions. Workshops are scheduled for daytime and evening sessions. First Aid Coach uses the world’s finest training system, Medic First Aid. They learn by seeing, hearing and doing. In fact one recent survey showed that over 97% of students completing our training said that they would step forward and help in a real emergency, versus only 66% of those trained by competing agencies. Our students develop real confidence in their ability to respond and perform these skills in a real crisis.

Recognized Completion Period: Up to 2 years

Students will practice essential skills in small group practices and can also apply those skills in optional scenario-based practices.

Intended Audience

• Workplace first aid providers

• Caregivers

• Good Samaritans

• Boat Captains

• Swimming Pool Owners

• Hotel Employees

Course Segments Include:
• Emergency First Aid Care
• Recognizing an Emergency
• Deciding to Help
• Personal Safety
• Using Barriers
• Assessing for Response
• Mechanism for Spinal Injury
• Activating Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
• Basic Life-Supporting Skills
• Airway – Head-Tilt, Chin-Lift
• Clearing the Airway – Log Roll
• Protecting the Airway – Recovery Position
• Breathing – Ventilations Mask/Shield
• Circulation – Chest Compressions
• Initial Assessment
• Unresponsive Patient
• CPR for Cardiac Arrest
• Sudden Cardiac Arrest – Using an AED
• Bare, Prepare, and Place Pads
• Basic AED Operation
• Troubleshooting Messages
• Other AED Considerations
• Control of Bleeding
• Managing Shock
• Choking
• Ongoing Assessment
• Warning Signs of Serious Illness
• Altered Level of Responsiveness
• Pain, Severe Pressure, or Discomfort in Chest
• Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath
• Severe Abdominal Pain
• Mechanism for Significant Injury
• Swollen, Painful, Deformed Limb
• Specific First Aid Problems
• Moving Patients
• Emotional Impact of Providing First Aid Care

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OSHA regulation 1910.151 states, “…in the absence of an infirmary, clinic, or hospital in near proximity to the workplace, which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid.” Near proximity has been interpreted in most cases, to mean help is less than three minutes away.