About First Aid Coach

First Aid Coach is a unique First Aid & C.P.R. business owned by Master Instructor Trainer, Donald Ferris. The goal of First Aid Coach is simple: Provide clients with the most modern, easy to learn system of Adult and Pediatric First Aid, C.P.R. and A.E.D. training in Massachusetts. Make it fun, make it easy to learn, and make the training realistic and useable.

The system we use, Medic First Aid has been in use worldwide since 1978. It incorporates First Aid and C.P.R. together in the same course. There are no written tests required and renewals are simplified since both C.P.R., A.E.D. and First Aid are renewed at the same time.

The courses are taught in a no stress environment and students are given only encouragement – not discouragement.

Donald Ferris has been teaching these programs since 1985. Don is an instructor trainer for the Adult, Pediatric, and Sports Medicine programs. He has certified over 12,000 students and continually receives the highest possible evaluations from his students on their course evaluation forms.

Programs Available From First Aid Coach:

Adult Medic First Aid (includes C.P.R., First Aid and A.E.D. training)

Pediatric Medic First Aid  (includes C.P.R., First Aid and optional A.E.D. training)

Oxygen Delivery

BLS-Professional, Medic First Aid

Automatic Defibrillator, Medic First Aid

In addition to his First Aid teaching credentials, Don is a Master Instructor in Scuba Diving having certified over 2000 students at over 18 different training levels. He is the author of three books on diving and holds a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Contact Us:
Donald L. Ferris
Master Instructor Trainer
P.O. Box 766
East Sandwich, MA. 02537
Phone: (508)-833-8784